To the students of Model Thinking on Coursera, welcome to our official course blog! This page is maintained by Professor Page’s course staff. We’ll have a wide variety of material on this site: resources, thoughts, diversions, and the occasional insight. The idea is that with this blog, we have an informal forum to address students and share information beyond the scope of the video lectures, quizzes, and exams on Coursera’s site. So – welcome, enjoy, and please, comment liberally!

-The Staff


3 responses to “Welcome

  1. I have found the first two section interesting and stimulating. My one and only attempt at the quiz is adequate and the results was reflective of my understanding thus far and which I am pleased with. I look forward to the next section.

  2. Not sure where the best place to ask a question would be…but I have joined the class late, and am wondering if there’s a way to not get docked the points for my first two quiz grades.

  3. I am really delighted to be in this course. it’s very interesting and stimulating knowledge, it reveals many experiences I got before. I think this course would give me good capacity I need in my future.

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